What's slowr.co.uk?

About 10 years ago we quit corporate life to start a family and have a "simpler" life running a smallish farm.

We were about 10 years into corporate life after University, had good jobs in good companies, but we also had this itch.

I grew up on a farm in Somerset, my father was a 2nd generation tenant approaching retirement....neither of my siblings wanted anything to do with the farm....which to be fair, neither did we a few years prior....but we had the option to move back, take on the tenancy and run a farm....a big change from comfy salaries and all the trappings of being DINKY's in the South East.

After much thinking / planning / driving up and down the M4/M5 every weekend for months...we decided we'd quit our jobs, move back, set up a glamping business, start a family, take over the dairy farm.....what could go wrong?